Kitesurfing Lessons in Abu Dhabi & Dubai

We are a team of kiteboarding professionals and kite instructors. Our kitesurfing school offers kitesurfing lessons in Abu Dhabi & Dubai. Our instructors are all certified. We offer full courses for beginners through advanced kiteboarders in Abu Dhabi & Dubai. We are happy to customize  a program for your needs. Our kitesurfing school in Abu Dhabi & Dubai only teaches with newer kiteboarding gear.


Kitesurfing is the fastest growing watersport in world and for a good reason! Kitesurfing is an exciting adrenaline packed sport combining high speeds, big air, acrobatics and wave-riding. Either in the swell or popping tricks in beautiful flat water.


Our objectives are to reduce the frustration level associated with learning how to kiteboard and to accelerate your proficiency. We achieve these goals by tailoring lessons to individual needs. We offer one-on-one instruction for beginner, intermediate, and advanced students. As a result, students become independent kiteboarders quickly and safely, and advanced students take their skills to an entirely new level. If you need kitesurfing lessons in Abu Dhabi or Dubai don’t hesitate contact us.

Kitesurfing Lessons Details


If you want to start practicing kitesurfing, the best way is to take a few lessons with a qualified instructor.



Cost of individual lesson is 400 Dirhams per hour equipment included.


Cost for 2 students simultaneously is 600 Dirhams per hour equipment included.